About Us

GeekBrain Games is an indie games development studio started in late 2012, and officially founded as a company in early 2015.

Starting off as a one man studio without any real idea of how to do business, GeekBrain Games is in the process of evolving into a larger studio. Part of this means learning the basics of how to behave like a proper company, which means wearing a better class of shoes.

The objective is simple: take something really geeky, dial down the geek just enough that our non-geek friends can get it and put it on a phone. Or a tablet. Or on your mind-implant smart-device that everyone will probably have in ten years.

Don Kirkland

GeekBrain Games was founded by Don Kirkland, who is a veteran of the computer games industry – having worked on a variety of AAA products (and many not-so-AAA products) since 1998. Don likes to pretend he did important things when working at Rockstar Games, but in reality he mainly made coffee and talked a lot.

Rupert Lewis Jones

GeekBrain Games has recently added Rupert Lewis Jones to the mix, who is also a veteran of the computer games industry since 1994, but with a much more artistic bent. Rupert has been responsible for a diverse range of very successful game products, such as Reservoir Dogs and Barbie Horse-Riding Adventures. Barbie Horse-Riding Adventures did very well, it just didn’t get a lot of games press because 10-year-old girls didn’t read games magazines back then.

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