Ninja Raft Needs You!

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So it’s been a year. Time really gets away from you if you let it. Thankfully we’re nearly there now – so it’s way past time to be talking about Ninja Raft again. Especially since we’re looking for beta testers.

If you need some convincing, check out our latest gameplay video here!

Our publisher, Right Pedal Studios, have thrown a couple of extra developers at us: Wes Clarke and Alex Driml have joined the team. Right Pedal Studios have been great supporting us through this – this is just the latest thing in a long list of reasons why I’d recommend any indie dev partner up with a good indie publisher.

For those who want to participate in the beta

If you have a Google Play account and have an Android device, fire me an email at iPhone and iPad owners: fear not! We are releasing on iPhone and iPad as well – we’re just using the Android group to iron out the nasty bugs first.

New Financial Year’s Resolution for me: post more here and on facebook! Feel free to call me on it if you want to.

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