Ninja Raft Update: 3 weeks

So here we are three weeks in… (!)

Ninja Raft has secured funding through Right Pedal Studios, and we’re on full-go getting the game built.

The core game concept hasn’t changed; the big push for the last few weeks has been working on the overall game framework and general look-and-feel suche viagra. We’ve been doing a lot of UI concepting, getting the front end flow in and working, planning the overall flow and feel of the game and working out the new player experience.

New player experience is one of those things that is properly hard work. The prototype is fun, but without someone telling you roughly how to play it, it’s just confusing. Building a raft without any idea what the different tiles do is a very random experience – sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not.

I personally don’t like that, so we’re reviewing our introduction to the game.

To solve this, we’ve had a toy around with some of the features. I’ve thrown together a raft auto-builder that constructs a semi-sensible raft from a set of tiles, going through the same build process that a player would. It still builds the navigation grid, etc. – only now you can instantly have a fully functional raft which you can defend.

Like a good developer, I’ve thrown away most of the prototype code (well, I keep it for reference) and am rewriting the core game in a substantially less messy way. I’m nearly back to the game being at the same stage as the prototype: we’ve got the front end flow in, we’ve got dojos and cargo, we’ve got ninjas and you can direct the ninjas around.

Next week we’re hoping to have our first properly playable build; right now its an almost-game, but realistically just a toy with no objectives. I am very much looking forward to that changing!