Ninjas and Rafts!

In early January I went along to the State Library of Queensland’s first ‘Level Up Games Night’ – in this case a game-jam done in public. The contestants (of which I was not one) were tasked with making a game to a theme within 2 hours, with the entire development process being streamed to a projector so the audience could watch the code and art as it came together viagra 20mg.

Anyway, while there I looked at some of the other indie games both in development and made by other Brisbane studios – a range of small projects as well as some big name indie games; after all, Halfbrick are here in Brisbane and are still an indie developer – albeit a very successful one.

While there I used the opportunity to do some networking – talked to other devs in the area as well as various others – and two things dawned on me. The first was that there was a lot of opportunities to partner up with people who are better than I am at things like marketing, etc. The second was the final idea for a game concept I had been rattling around in my head ever since playing the board game Galaxy Truckers and spending too many late nights playing FTL.

From this combination was born the idea of Ninja Raft, which I then approached Rupert about since we’d just finished putting Pin-Up Weather Girl out the door. He was immediately sold on the concept, so we started work on a prototype.

Fast-forward to now, after I’ve been nose-deep in Unity3D again with my skills thankfully bolstered from my mucking around last year, and we have a prototype and what is shaping up to be a fairly solid concept.

If you want to have a look at the prototype, it is right here. It is somewhat rough and ready, but the core game is there.