Star Squad Space Rescue

Star Squad Space Rescue is an adrenaline-pumping, relaxed casual seat-of-your-pants action not-exactly-shooter.

Here’s some of what others have been saying about it:

‘Star Squad Space Rescue’ is the Bullet Hell Take on ‘Crossy Road’

4/5 on 148apps:

4.5 stars on iTunes, with user reviews like these:

Great fun ★★★★★
I had a really great time playing this. The instant paused/time mechanic makes this a pleasure to play. Such a simple idea makes a huge difference. And the game is just plain fun. Highly recommended.

Awesome Title ★★★★★
Awesome Game. From the music to the power warning alert this fits perfectly in my library for Shmups 7 Bullet Heavens. Thank You

It’s on iTunes here:

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